Spelunky, a game that was originally released on PC back in 2008, is now headed to the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita this summer, reports Joystiq. The new version, according to Sony, will have exclusive new features.

With the recent news of the diverse selection of PlayStation 4 and Vita titles, it's evident that Sony is broadening its relationship with indie developers. "We've got an incredible team on the ground that talks to developers every day, and these new games we're announcing are a direct resut of the team's proactive outreach and focus on working with top independent developers," said Sony Computer Entertainment America VP Adam Boyes in a statement. "Our process and approach in working with developers has evolved to incorporate a lot of flexibility into the process, including the way we pursue and discover new talent, help them with funding solutions and work together to deliver their best games onto PlayStation platforms."

Spelunky was also released by developer Mossmouth as an XBLA title in July 2012. Another developer, however, will be handling the title's PlayStation port.