With the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game taking place tomorrow night, Sony fired up MLB 14: The Show for a simulation of what might go down when the best in baseball take the field tomorrow night.

Both teams started out slow, with no one crossing the plate until the Pittsburgh Pirates' Andrew McCutchen scored on a double by Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers in the 4th. Both teams traded runs right up until the final inning, where the game was forced into extra after a 3-3 tie.

In the top of the tenth, Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds went yard to give the National League a 5-3 lead, and Reds teammate Aroldis Chapman closed the door on the American League to give the National League the win and home-field advantage in that parallel universe's World Series.

We love a good simulation here at ArcadeSushi, but it's kind of weird seeing this game being presented as if it really happened. We agree that MLB 14: The Show is one of the most realistic sports simulation games we've ever seen, but it's still not real life. Let's hold off on crowning the National League until the game is played.

Sony also announced on the blog post that a patch for improved online play is coming soon and that players should stayed tuned. We're not too sure when that'll be, and we're not confident it's soon considering the announcement was buried in the All-Star Game post, but hopefully it does get fixed sooner than later.

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