We can't get enough of crazy speed runs, but this one by Twitch streamer Pibonacci may be the craziest one of all. He finishes the incredibly hard Spelunky in less than two minutes, one minute and 55 seconds to be exact! The previous record was two minutes and one second, giving Pibonacci a whole six seconds of cushion time he could have worked with.

There's a lot of luck playing into this run, as Pibonacci is able to find the level's exit using items that don't always appear quickly in the compass, jetpack and teleporter. Lucky or not, this is one hell of a feat that should be celebrated until it's beaten by some other Twitch streamer who's saying, "Challenge Accepted!" while the rest of us are saying "Wow, he did it!"

Watch that video above (NSFW language) and take note of all of the dexterity and and teleporter work it takes to even put yourself in that position. We've seen crazy speed runs before, like finishing Ocarina of Time in less than 20 minutes or beating all of Final Fantasy VIII in eight and a half hours, but under two minutes for Spelunky is just not registering in our brains. Great work, Pibonacci, and we look forward to the next amazing run.