We now know when we'll get to play SCEA's upcoming monster-slaying RPG, Freedom Wars, along with some new details about its four-player online co-op and pre-order bonuses.

SCEA has announced on the PlayStation Blog the release date and launch details of its upcoming action RPG, Freedom Wars. We have recently learned that Freedom Wars will have a four-player co-op mode, which means you get to use swords, spears, traps, guns, flamethrowers and even warhammers with partners online. You will get to whittle down your million year prison sentence with your friends to try and gain freedom by questing.

Freedom Wars will launch on Oct. 28 for $29.99. Pre-ordering a physical copy of the game at participating retailers will get you the same bonuses as the Japanese original's Limited Edition. These bonuses include a new costume, enhanced starter weapons, a sticker set for in-game use and a Medical Supply item. Those who would like these bonuses for the digital version just need to buy the game online before Nov. 11. After that date, the pre-order bonuses will no longer be available.

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