The Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment has expressed his concerns about how his company handles the PlayStation Vita outside of Japan.

CVG reports that Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has expressed a lack of clarity of how to support the PS Vita outside of Japan, claiming that Sony needs to realize how it will promote the handheld more effectively. On one hand, PS Vita handhelds are widely being used for their remote play features on the PlayStation 4. At the same time, Sony feels like it does not want to cram AAA gaming franchises from PS3 and PS4 onto the handheld in the form of small ports with limited capabilities. Sony has started focusing on pushing remote play and indie games rather than trying to put more first-party titles onto the Vita.

"I certainly think you'll still see Vita as a triple-A machine in Japan where it has a different function with the console dynamic of the marketplace. It's hard to say in terms of the other markets," said House. "I think remote play is still in its nascent stages, I think we need to have better understanding. We know a lot of players are embracing it and using it and seem to like the experience a lot, but necessarily that changes the dynamic."

Over the past few months, the PS Vita has been selling relatively well with the western release of the handheld's slim edition and its bundle with Borderlands 2. Factoring in that the PlayStation TV will have access to most of the PS Vita's digital library and will function as a Vita for big screens, it's safe to say that the Vita still has a lot of millage left in it.

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