A developer diary from Ironclad, developers of Sins of a Solar Empire, has gone up on YouTube that talks about how Sins of a Dark Age is aiming to change the way multiplayer online battle arenas are played.

Blair, from Ironclad, talks about they're trying to make Sins of a Dark Age a unique MOBA. One of the features that Ironclad is hoping will accomplish this is the Realm Quest feature, in which players are tasked with specific objectives in the world.

Blair compares the Realm Quests with poker, since players have to deal with unknown circumstances and have to rely on strategies, counter strategies, and then different strategies to deal with those counters. It's going to be a tactical smorgasbord in Sins of a Dark Age.

There's no release date set at the moment, but you can go on the official site to become a Founder and pre-order the game. Check out the video down below and let us know if it gets you excited to play this new MOBA when it's released!