Watch Tony Montana assassinate a guy, narrowly avoid a chainsaw, score the yayo, meet Frank, kill Frank, not kill women and children, get awkward with his sister and have an epic gunfight at his mansion all in 8-bit form.

CineFix is back and is recreating Brian De Palma's iconic film about our favorite Cuban immigrant-turned-drug kingpin, Scarface. Sure, Scarface gets played on television all the time (and is usually heavily censored), and every rapper ever showcased on MTV Cribs has a shrine dedicated to the guy, but we still love this movie. It's great to see Tony Montana's blood-soaked rags to riches story recreated in classic CineFix fashion, as an 8-bit, side-scrolling beat 'em up. That's right, Scarface's unforgettable scenes are recreated using a graphics style reminiscent of Double Dragon, but instead of knives, jump kicks and baseball bats, this retro-style video is filled with guns, drugs and a gun-filled shootout while on drugs. We're loving this rendition of Scarface and glad that nearly every single one of our favorite moments from the film were included in this video.

This awesome video goes hand-in-hand with the events of the movie. Tony Montana and his best friend Manny are detained while trying to escape Cuba in the early 1980s (which was a hellhole to say the least) and sent to a political refugee camp in Southern Florida. A local drug lord is willing to pull some favors for Tony and his friends and make them citizens if one of the refugees, a Cuban government official, were to die. This starts Tony and Manny's bloody climb to the top. Unfortunately, CineFix forgot to do the scene with Tony working the food cart, but the scene where Manny trying to seduce the girl by the pool was recreated in a hilarious way.