Early in the week, a coupon code for the UK Razerzone store went viral, giving gamers everywhere a chance to score a sweet Razer product for a whopping 90% off, As it turns out, the code was unauthorized, unapproved, and was actually generated by a third party for the purposes of testing the store's shopping cart. Oops.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer''s co-founder, CEO, and creative director, issued a statement on his Facebook page in regard to the unauthorized code, saying that the company will still honor the hefty discount that it provides.

Here is the statement in full:

“A few days ago, a coupon code that provided a discount of 90% off Razer products at our UK Razerzone store went viral and thousands of orders were placed in the space of a couple of hours. This coupon code was NOT authorized nor approved by Razer and was generated by a third party to test our shopping cart (and left in our system unknown to us till now). When we discovered this, we had to shut down our site for a bit until we figured out what was going on.

While we have the option of cancelling the orders legally, we’ve always had a customer comes first policy at Razer and in respect of this incident, we have decided to honor the orders that were placed using the unauthorized code by Razer fans buying single products for their own use. Unfortunately, as the products are being sold well below their cost, it will likely cost us an insane amount of losses to make good on the orders which will really really hurt us as we’re still a small company  - that much said, we want to do right by the community. For orders in the multiples of units for a single product, we will still give each an opportunity to purchase one item of each product ordered at the 90% off discount but not for multiple units of the same product.  Our focus is on doing the right thing for our fans, the gamers and the community, not for resellers or users to profit from this.

That’s not gaming, that’s not our deal.

So that’s the plan.  It’s going to take a few weeks (and up to a few months in certain cases) to get all these orders processed and shipped—a lot of stuff was already back-ordered due to high demand—and we ask that customers please bear with us. We apologize to anyone miffed or confused by this week’s happenings in the U.K., we appreciate everyone’s patience, and we thank all of our customers for their support. Game on…”

Good Guy Razer, honoring unauthorized discounts and such. The comments on the post seem to be filled with suggestions from gamers for those who successfully used the discount to cancel their orders in the hopes that it will lighten the financial burden on the company. Whether or not this happens will be left up to the customers who took advantage of the deal.

What do you think about Razer and its plan to do right by the gaming community? Did you happen to snag one of their products at a discount thanks to this code? Let us know in the comments below.

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