For those of you with a tendency to be a collectible pack rat that never throws away any video games, this list of 25 Most Expensive Video Games is for you. Those of you with enough foresight, or a lot of luck, to have kept some of the games from your childhood might be surprised to find just how much they might be worth. You never know! You might just find an old Atari cartridge that could pay your way through college. We've plowed around the internet to find the 25 Most Expensive Video Games and the results might make you wish you hadn't sold your Atari 2600 and collection of games at a yard sale for 15 bucks. If you have one or more of the games on this list, you'll see what kind of prices they're fetching depending on their condition.

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    Spud's Adventure

    Gameboy $90 – $700

    We kick off our list of the 25 Most Expensive Video Games with a title, somewhat ironically, involving one of the cheapest vegetables in the supermarket aisle. Part of the Puzzle Boy series of games from Atlus, Spud’s Adventure was a Zelda-esque game where you played as a potato in a hat on a quest to save the princess. Featuring levels full of mazes and locked doors, Spud’s Adventure was a fun game that, if you kept it long enough, could net you some serious bucks that could help you woo a princess of your own.

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    Amazing Tater

    Gameboy $130 – $800

    It seems we’re starting to see a pattern with potato themed Gameboy games keeping their value. This sequel to the game Kwirk has kept its value extremely well. Amazing Tater is a puzzle game that has you guiding your potato character across an assortment of levels littered with obstacles. Your little spud has to push crates and turn levers in order to make it out.

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    ATARI 2600 $720 – $1000

    Mangia is game all too familiar to children of Italian descent. You’re character is forced to sit at a table and eat plates of spaghetti until he explodes. But, you can avert gastric disaster by sneaking some of the food to the cat and dog when you’re mother isn’t looking. This profoundly creepy game got a very small North American release thusly making the NTSC version of the cartridge quite a rarity and, now, very expensive. $1000 will buy you a whole lot of Italian food.

  • 22

    Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Zenin Shuugou Tournament - Special Gold Cartridge

    SNES $1,000 – $1,200

    Tournament cartridges tend to be a much more rare commodity and of special interest to collectors. This makes the price rocket sky high. This edition of the game was given out as the prize at a number of tournaments held throughout Japan in 1993. Given the fact that it was only released in one country as a prize for specialized competition, it nets a spot on our list of the 25 Most Expensive Video Games.

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    Bubble Bath Babes

    NES Unlicensed $500 – $1,275

    Surprised to find an unlicensed erotic NES game on our list? You really shouldn’t be. Even that above sentence describing the game is so rare that you could probably sell the rights on Ebay for a few bucks. Anyway, Bubble Bath Babes was a sort of reverse Tetris where bubbles of varying colors and shapes would float up to the top of the screen and you were tasked with lining them up and preventing the screen from getting all sudsy. Of course, as is usual with any unlicensed erotic NES game, you’re rewarded with girlie pictures. There was a copy of this game released with all the nudity and suggestive content covered up, but who wants to collect that?

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    Hot Slots

    NES Unlicensed $605 – $1,352

    The combination of gambling and erotica seems to be a perfect recipe for our list of the 25 Most Expensive Games. Hot Slots features three slot machines with three accompanying hostesses who appear occasionally, as your winnings grow, in diminishing states of dress. After about $400 bucks, players are given a full feature view of their server. Like the aforementioned Bubble Bath Babes, Hot Slots was only available by mail order and thus quite rare. Well, that and and it’s a porno NES game.

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    Peek A Boo Poker

    NES Unlicensed $705 – $1,352

    Here we have another one of the infamous, unlicensed, and expensive adult games for your NES. You play the basic 5-card draw poker and for every $1000 you win, you can trade it in for another playing card of a more naughty nature. Featuring three lady dealers with questionable names, like Pok-er Penny, Peek A Boo Poker was one mail order game that may have spent more time under a mattress with magazines than actually inside a console, at least while anyone else was around.

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    Trip World

    Gameboy $170 – $1353

    Trip World is the most valuable Gameboy game you’re likely to find. Since it was only ever released in Japan and Europe, finding a copy in North America might take a bit of digging and a lot of cash. Trip World has you playing as an adorable little Yakopoo who can use his shapeshifting ability to sort out the seriously mismatched world. If only you could shapeshift your wallet into a brick of gold, you might be able to afford this little Gameboy cartridge.

  • 17

    Virtual Lab

    Virtual Boy $900 – $1500

    Who would have thought a Virtual Boy game would make it onto a list like this? Well, since the Virtual Boy is somewhat rare itself, it would make sense that one of its Japan-only games is a appraised at around $1500. This game is a prime example of unfinished or broken work becoming insanely valuable. Like a misprinted Magic the Gathering card, Virtual Lab is worth quite a bit because of its flaws. Nintendo is misspelled and the game provides you with level passwords but nowhere to input them. It is a thoroughly broken game and we’re a bit baffled as to why anyone would want it. But, against all odds, it makes it onto our list of the 25 Most Expensive Video Games.

  • 16

    Pepsi Invaders

    ATARI 2600 $815 - $2125

    In a clever marketing ploy by Coca-Cola to get people to associate Pepsi with invading aliens, they created a Space Invaders mod where the alien ships spelled out Pepsi. These labelless cartridges are exceedingly rare and supposedly only 125 of them are floating around. It just goes to show you that even back in the '80s, Coke and Pepsi were still at each other’s throats for what we should put down ours.


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