Razer, purveyors of high-performance gaming accessories, software, and systems, announced that their Razor Comms communication software has gone into open beta. No more using Skype to play with your buddies because you're too lazy to use TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, yay!

The company's new communications service combines VoIP client, instant messaging, and IRC-chat features, letting gamers across the world connect with each other so they can yell about how much their teammates suck or plan out how to destroy the enemy team while warning their weakest links, "not to derp around."

Razer Comms started out as a pet project, built for internal use by a few of the company's engineers. But once fans clamored for it to be made widely available, Razer fully supported the project and now it's coming to fruition.

“As a gamer, it gets pretty annoying switching between multiple clients all the time when playing and talking with your friends,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “Razer Comms offers a way around that challenge. By connecting gamers globally through a versatile software solution without any additional costs for the user, Razer Comms is a way for us to give back to our passionate fan base.”

You can check out the new communications service on the official Razer site for free. Let us know what you think of it and whether or not it makes talking to your buddies online that much easier.

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