Razer Comms Goes into Open Beta
Razer, purveyors of high-performance gaming accessories, software, and systems, announced that their Razor Comms communication software has gone into open beta. No more using Skype to play with your buddies because you're too lazy to use TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, yay!
Razer Will Honor Unauthorized Discount Coupon Code
Early in the week, a coupon code for the UK Razerzone store went viral, giving gamers everywhere a chance to score a sweet Razer product for a whopping 90% off, As it turns out, the code was unauthorized, unapproved, and was actually generated by a third party for the purposes of testing the store&a…
Razer Edge
Razer's Edge, its self-proclaimed "most powerful tablet in the world," will finally be available for pre-ordering starting on March 1st.