Combining smartwatch and fitness band technology, Razer's Nabu smartband is shaping up to be quite the phone accessory.

IGN reports that gamer tech company Razer has started shipping its Nabu smartband for those who would like to beta test its hardware. Only 500 beta testers will be selected to get a code redeemable for a $1 Nabu, which will allow them to test the device's hardware and software for the sake of giving user feedback to Razer.

The Nabu is a wristband that has a small screen over your inner wrist that syncs to your phone and lets you read all of its notifications without having to whip out your mobile device. This means you can read your texts, messages, Facebook notifications and check out your incoming calls without ever having your phone leave your pocket or purse. It also tracks steps, distances, sleeping patterns, etc. The Razer Nabu offers live Google Map directions if you have the app open on your phone, so you can walk around a city you're unfamiliar with without having to be constantly staring at your cell and stop making it obvious that you're a tourist.

Those who would like to sign up to try and be one of the lucky 500 who get to buy a beta version of the Nabu can do so by going to Razer's official website.

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