Razer's Edge, its self-proclaimed "most powerful tablet in the world," will finally be available for pre-ordering starting on March 1st.

The Edge features a 10.1-inch multi-touch display (1366x768 resolution), powered by the Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia's GT 640M LE GeForce graphics card. The tablet runs Windows 8, and is capable of running any PC game compatible with the operating system.

In addition to being used like a tablet, the Edge also comes with a range of peripherals aimed at showing its versatility. The biggest component for gamers is the Edge's mobile console mode, which allows consumers to stick the tablet inside a case with two analog joysticks and buttons on either side. It looks a bit cumbersome at first, but is actually pretty light and responsive when in use.

The base model (64GB SSD) will retail for $999, with a 128GB SSD version ($1299) and a 256GB SSD version ($1449) also up for grabs. All of the peripherals will cost extra unfortunately, with the controller add-on going for an extra $249. It's a pricey venture, but one that could potentially change the way games are played on the go.

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