Ravenous Games, the guys behind the great platformer League of Evil, have been hard at work on a new puzzle-platformer title called Infestor. And wouldn't ya know it, the game is going to hit the App Store this week!

In Infestor, you play as a little green dude that supposed to be a biological weapon. Your goal is to avoid hazards that would release your toxic innards. But you have no problem infecting people in order to do so. You better have some expert tapping skills if you want to make it through all 60 puzzle-packed stages.

The fun gameplay mechanic here is that you get to take over various humans and use their unique abilities to help you make it through the levels. From pushing blocks to shooting guns, those skinbags out there will be an integral part of getting your green, blobby hide out of harm's way.

Check out the trailer below: