Devious Dungeon is a platform title that has a medieval fighter traveling through different portals to find treasure and slay monsters. We've seen this story a million times before, but when a sword and sorcery adventure pulls off the right amount of magic, familiarity can also breed excellence.

The goal is straight as an arrow, as you'll be tasked with collecting coins and killing as many creatures as possible within each stage. To advance to the next dungeon, you'll need to find a key to unlock the door. Although this may sound like a completely simplistic task, your initial moments may lead to a healthy amount of dying. Since you're given a certain amount of hit points when you start, the key is to effectively manage your health during the beginning moments. So if you find a key and don't have enough hit points to slay all the creatures on your level, simply find your way out and live to see another day.

Whenever you die, you'll be resurrected to exactly where you began. A portal is available for you to travel through, and instead of sending you back to the same level where you perished, you'll be sent to an entirely different stage. This slight alteration adds a refreshing change to a rather well-worn genre.

Ravenous Games

My only real issue with Devious Dungeon is its control system. Although the directional arrows, as well as the buttons, are the most logical choices in a platform title, using the "A" button to double jump gets a bit tricky on various mazes. There are occasions when I've tried in vain to jump from one edge to the next, only to fail in the process. Navigating through each stage with the arrows, as well as wielding your respective weapon is very easy and seamless, it's just that jumping takes some effort during certain parts of the mazes.

Still, that minor inconvenience is a blip in an otherwise excellent adventure. Ravenous Games Inc., the developers best known for their Random Heroes and the League of Evil franchises, infuse Devious Dungeon with all the RPG tropes we've come to know and love but place a bit of a spin to the proceedings. Want to increase your experience points and level up faster? Hacking and slashing your way through bad guys isn't the only way to gain experience points. Grabbing a red book of knowledge, which is usually hidden in a secret room, will do the trick and is guaranteed to speed up your leveling process.

Ravenous Games

Devious Dungeon features a ton of creatures to slice and and dice with your sword or even pound to death with a hammer, and if you simply want to destroy everything in your path then this platformer has the goods. I've played my share of touch-and-tap adventures and after 30 minutes I'll move on and delete the app.

This title understands that RPG enthusiasts are in it for more than just the kill. We need to complete quests, generate coins to upgrade our weaponry and armor. Even if we're existing in an 8-bit universe, offering up a variety in visual design, even if it's throwing a different colored monster or two or adding a patch of grass in a stone filled world, is also appreciated.

For just $0.99, this app offers up a ton of action for a minimal price. Don't be surprised if you'll return to slay a few more of your RPG demons with this addictive platformer. I still have no idea why this dungeon is so devious, but with a strong enough sword and a ton of coins to spare, my adventure has just begun.

This review was based on a purchased copy of Devious Dungeon for iOS.

App Store Link: Devious Dungeon for iPhone & iPad | By Ravenous Games Inc. | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 42.5 MB | Rating 9+

8.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating