Game Review Guidelines

Arcade Sushi uses a twenty-point review scale for games, meaning we review games from 1-10, with half-point intervals.

10 - Perfect: This game will go down as one of the most memorable not just of the year, but of all time. While a 10 doesn't guarantee absolute perfection, it’s as close as you can get.

9/9.5 - Excellent: A fantastic game that falls just short of brilliance due to a few minor issues.

8/8.5 - Great: Worth your investment, and a solid game, though it asks users to be a bit more forgiving than an excellent game.

7/7.5 - Good: Enjoyable, but presents a number of flaws and technical issues. Could have been great, but doesn’t do anything special or new.

6/6.5 - Above Average: The hint of promise is there, but the game is inconsistent in a few areas like gameplay or design.

5/5.5 - Average: It’s okay, but that’s the nicest thing we can say. No new ground is tread, and this game doesn’t do anything better than its contemporaries. Lacks polish in almost every conceivable area.

4/4.5 - Below Average: Still playable, but barely. It has few redeeming qualities, and isn’t worth your time or money.

3/3.5 - Poor: Only the most dedicated of fans will get anything from this game. It’s a chore to complete, and has little, if anything at all, to offer.

2/2.5 - Awful: Frustrating and poorly designed, this isn’t even worth checking out on the discount rack.

1/1.5 - Broken: Absolutely unplayable, inconsistent, and probably shouldn’t have been released at all. Can’t be recommended to anyone.

0/0.5 - Rotten: We’re surprised the game even loaded.

Review Ethics:

Arcade Sushi will always try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to reviews. If we reviewed a game sent to us by a publisher, we’ll let you know. If we review a game at a publisher-sponsored event, we'll disclose that in the review. We’ll also inform you what system(s) we played it on. Review scores will not be discussed with publishers or developers prior to being published, and a staff writer will not review or cover any games for companies with which they have a personal relationship (ie - a spouse or relative), financial investment, or prior employment. Software/hardware invoiced by our reviewers will be given away to readers in a prize contest.