Games in the App Store are always going on sale so we thought it would be nice to give you the heads up on the hottest games that have recently dropped in price. Some price drops are permanent and some are only for a few days. So grab these titles now! You never know if they'll go back up in price!

  • Wordsworth

    99Games Online

    All you wordsmiths out there, we know that numbers aren't your thing. But you probably know enough about math to understand the value of zero. That's how much this great word game from 99Games will cost you right now. So go for it and get ready to take on other word pros, creating bigger and better words.

  • Electric Tentacle


    Chillingo makes a habit of releasing solid iOS titles and this fun little high score game is no exception. You and your animal buddies have been shrunk down to a micro-sized versions of yourself and now you have to escape! Sound fun? Grab it today for free.

  • Mech Pilot

    Chris Egerter

    Climb into your mech and get ready for war, soldier. Mech Pilot is a game that will ready you for a battle for the future against the marauding alien race Kyrllex. We love the clever twist inside the story of the game, which acts as a training program for the real battle.

  • WarCorps: Genesis

    Triniti Interactive

    Resources are depleted and the world is spiraling down into chaos and tumult. In the middle of all this is you, the newest member of WarCorps, an elite covert action team. Sound like the plot for an expensive console game? That's a negative. You can get all this military action for free on iOS!