Thinking outside the box has always been something that legendary game designer Peter Molyneux has been known for.

But if Curiosity, the upcoming game from Molyneux's mobile-oriented studio experiment 22cans, is any indication, he's thrown that notion out the window. Or perhaps Molyneux is thinking so outside the box, he's thinking inside the boxWhoa.

From what little we know, the game play in Curiosity will have iOS gamers tapping away at a box, trying to chip off tiles and break the surface to find out what's inside. Sounds kind of odd. But interesting as well. We can't help but feel like there will be more than one element of the game that will be messing with us. Or studying out behavior. What's in the box?!

According to Pocket Gamer UK, there is apparently an in-app purchase that costs £50,000, which sounds just bananas to us. They also report that Curiosity was originally thought up as part of a social media experiment that tracked how people used popular services like Twitter and Facebook. If you want to know more, they also have an interview with Molyneux that you should check out.

Curiosity will be available to download on iOS on November 7th.