Godus, the latest indie undertaking by hypemaster Peter Molyneux, is in danger of not meeting its Kickstarter goal of $730 by the deadline on Friday, December 21st, 2012. Hey, you guys think that maybe the Mayans were talking about this game undergoing an earth-shattering calamity?

Joystiq reports on a video that 22cans, Molyneux's development studio, has just posted in an effort to rally more pledges and to show backers what they're supporting. The prototype footage is just one of two videos supposed to go up today, with the second video featuring commentary from Molyneux himself.

The game is supposed to be a sort of spiritual sequel/evolution of the game Populous and aims to be a powerful god-simulation. You will be tasked with gathering followers, which will augment your powers, and you'll be able to shape the land as you see fit. According to the description on the Kickstarter page, "There is only room for one god, so prepare to guide your worshipers into battle by altering the world around them with your god powers, then watch your followers reign victorious across the world." It sounds like it would be cool to play this, though with only three days left, it would take a great outpouring of money from the internet to make it a reality.

The current amount of pledged money stands at £371,069 out of the £450,000 goal ($601,577 out of $730,000), so there needs to be a lot of catching up done within the next three days. If they don't meet this goal, 22cans won't get a single penny and Godus will go the way of Alpha Colony, a game that failed to meet its Kickstarter goal by only $28 and took the top spot in our list of games in Development Hell.

You can check out the first prototype video below and be sure to look for the second video later today on the Godus Kickstarter page.