Arcade Sushi has been keeping tabs on Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube, the new game from Peter Molyneux's development studio 22Cans, since we learned about it at the end of October. But the latest development in the saga of this "mobile experiment" has us scratching our heads.

Since it was released on Wednesday, the game has been plagued with server issues, causing many to either have trouble getting in to begin with or to lose the in-game coins they accumulate. As a solution to the persistent problems, 22Cans has taken action.

In addition to writing a letter to their fans that was posted over at Kotaku, they've also decided to ask for a little financial boost to help deal with their server issues.

In order to help spread the word, 22Cans put out a video today with Mr. Peter Molyneux himself taking the stage to let people know what was happening. Really though, this is just an indication of the kind of popularity that a marquee name like Molyneux's can bring. Combined with the inherent mystery of the game, it's no wonder that so many people are, uh, curious.

"We really thought a few thousand people would be interested enough to download the app," Molyneux said, when he talked to Pocket Gamer UK earlier this week.

Feel like helping out? Head over to the 22Cans Pay Pal page and plunk down a few pounds to help flush their coffers a bit.

Guess this solves the mystery of what's inside the cube - a donation box.