In putting together a 10 Best Puzzle Games list I kept coming across puzzle games that I had never heard of before. So instead of doing a "best of" article, I downloaded these 10 unusual puzzle games, called my boss and told him I was changing the list. After a waterfall of profanity that lasted a good 45 minutes, he decided it was an acceptable idea. I still have to do a best of list in the future, but for now, let's check out these unusual puzzle treats you may have missed while shopping in the App Store.

  • Sunday Lawn

    Donut Games

    Ah, is there anything more relaxing than waking up on a lazy Sunday and mowing the lawn? Yes there is, because mowing the lawn sucks. Lucky for you, it's a lot of fun in this unique puzzle game. Mow your lawn while avoiding the obstacles in your way. Try and figure out the best path to rack up the most points. Just watch out for the dog poop.

  • The Magic Egg

    Marcos Campal

    The Magic Egg is a fun and unusual puzzler. Pick your shape, then try and fit the pieces into it. It starts off easy, but gets more and more difficult. It's a pretty relaxing game, if not being able to figure out what piece goes where relaxes you.

  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


    Try and figure out the puzzle of death in this 10 unusual puzzle games entry. You've kicked the bucket but you're given special powers and can transfer your soul into various objects, preventing the death of others. But you only have a four minute window in which to do so. With nice cartoony graphics, you'll quickly discover that death isn't the end, its only the beginning. Of ripping your hair out when you can't figure out what you're supposed to do next. Stupid puzzle games.

  • The Heist

    tap tap tap LLC

    The Heist is a really addicting puzzle game. Solve all of the puzzles to crack open the safe. You can do the puzzles in the order you choose. From Soduku-like symbol tests to sliding puzzles, you'll be entertained for hours. Good luck in the later levels, you'll need it!

  • Quell

    Lewis Boadle

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz ... huh? What? Oh, ya. Just playin' Quell, that game with the calming music and you guide a raindrop and why am I so relaxed playing this addiczzzzzzzzzzz ... wha what? What happened? Oh ya, Quell is soooooooo relaxing to puzzle play raindrops I likezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

  • Sand Slides

    Paul Carter

    Three hourglasses filled with sand and multiple ways to get the grains from the top to the bottom. Draw lines, trap grains of colored sand and rack up the points. It's a different kind of brain teaser, one that let's you play with time, which is weird since you'll be killing so much of it playing this 10 unusual puzzle games entry.

  • The Curse

    Toy Studio Media Corporation

    Stupid Curse is so stupid hard and stupid frustrating that my stupid brain won't tell me to stop playing the stupid game. If I sound frustrated, it's because The Curse is hard. Like, I'm too stupid to play this hard. So why am I still playing it? Because it kicks all kinds of puzzle ass, that's why. Anyone have the answer to puzzle 37?

  • DOOORS - room escape game -

    Odako Co., Ltd.

    I am so addicted to Dooors. Try and figure out how to open each door in 50 clever levels. Some of the answers are right in front of you, others take some ingenuity and clever thinking. It's a fun time waster and you'll be proud of yourself when you figure out how to solve all the clever puzzles. Please make more levels!

  • Machinarium

    Amanita Design s.r.o.

    Machinarium is such an odd game I had to include it as one of the 10 unusual puzzle games. Control a little robot and manipulate the environment around you to try and solve each screen. If you're stuck, there's a guidebook available. But you have to solve its puzzle if you need clues. It's a beautiful looking game on the iPad, and is well worth your time.

  • Band Together

    Backflip Studios

    Band Together is just incredible looking. Bright, colorful gorgeous graphics, great music and clever levels. Try and guide each of the Bandies to the exit, while avoiding all of the deadly machines that get in their way. It's such a charming, clever game that it deserves a spot in our 10 unusual puzzle games list.


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