Peter Molyneux claimed hackers have been trying to get to the center of the cube in 22 Cans' Curiosity, but have had no success so far.

Speaking with Polygon, Molyneux revealed just how 22 Cans has managed to keep the secret at the core of the cube safe for so long. "Thank God we didn't do this, but we couldn't make them put the center of what's in the cube in the device, on the client, because hackers would have easily been able to hack that," Molyneux said. "The cube has been attacked by a a lot of hackers over the past few weeks and we've defended against that. The golden rule is: If you put something you want to protect on the device then it is going to get hacked."

Of course, Molyneux still believes the prize inside is still worth the efforts of all those players diligently digging away at the Curiosity's mysterious block. "Don't think the prize is just a video of me saying, 'You've won, chaps!' in a British voice with a big thumbs-up," Molyneux added. "It's definitely a lot more meaningful than that. It's amazing and it's life-changing and I'm happy to be judged on its worth and its value."

Though there's no telling how close to the end the players have gotten, 22 Cans is toying with the idea of revealing just how much time is left until the cube has been cracked. Molyneux views it as sort of an interesting social experiment, and wonders if people will turn out in droves to help plug away when they know the end is near.

"What do you think of those people?" Molyneux asked. "Are they the equivalent of city traders, waiting for us poor worker ants to do all of the hard work and then coming in at the end and sucking up all of the goodness and eventually winning? Or are they simply people who want to join in at the very end?"

What do you think of Curiosity? Have you helped in the past? Would you try the game out if you knew you might be the one who unravels the mystery?