Video games are always much more fun when you’re playing with someone else. You can playfully trash talk or dump a bowl of Cheetos in their lap and slap them in the face. With the advent of mobile gaming, you can now play with anyone from almost anywhere. You can frag noobs while in line at the bank or annihilate someone with your expansive vocabulary while picking rutabagas out at the supermarket. Playing with someone else is always a challenge and that’s what makes it fun. Below you’ll find our list of the 10 Best Multiplayer Games.

  • 10

    Fruit Ninja

    Halfbrick Studios

    Split screen multiplayer was exactly what Fruit Ninja for the iPad needed. Taking advantage of that screen real estate, you can sit across from your partner and see who has what it takes to be a fruit ninjutsu master. Sadly, since you aren’t playing it on the Kinect, you miss the chance to “accidentally” punch your friend in the face. But do it anyway.

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    OLO Game


    OLO Game is a deceptively simple but addictive shuffleboard-style game. You flick different sized circles into your opponents space to gain points while they have the chance to knock yours out or score some points of their own. The simplicity of the game makes it a joy to play locally or online with friends. The game is so addictive that it will have you seeing colored circles in your sleep.

  • 8

    Wild Blood


    Utilizing the insane Unreal Engine, Wild Blood delivers a spectacularly fun hack-and-slash game. With an assortment of weapons and tight controls, it really dismembers fun and serves it up to you on a mobile platter. Multiplayer on a game like this is really unheard of on any console, but it surprisingly works quite well. The fighting is fast and frenetic and the upgrade system lets you wield an array of weapons. Occasionally it will get phone crushingly frustrating, but that only happens when you’re hopelessly outnumbered by high ranking knights.

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    Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile


    While not quite as good as the PS Vita version, Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile is still a valiant effort to bring a solid multiplayer fighter onto the iOS. The AI for most fighting games are never up to the reflexes and intelligence of a real human being. Being able to play against other fleshy bipods makes this game much more of a challenge. You are never quite sure if your opponent has some grand scheme or is incessantly tapping the screen in the hopes they’ll win.

  • 6

    Real Racing 2

    Fire Mint Games

    Racing games are rife with opportunity for multiplayer mayhem. Thankfully, Real Racing 2 adopts the aesthetics of Gran Turismo 5 or Forza 4 and mashes it into the palm of your hand. It takes advantage of the gyroscope in your device and uses it as the steering input. As far as immersive racing games with spectacularly challenging multiplayer go, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than Real Racing 2.

  • 5

    Poker by Zynga

    Zynga Inc.

    Can't have a 10 Best Multiplayer Games list without including a poker game! And Poker by Zynga is the best one you can find in the App Store. With thousands of players available online from around the world, you can bluff and river suck-out your way to victory. Just don't go all-in with 7-2 offsuit.

  • 4

    Words With Friends

    Zynga Inc.

    Words With Friends is one of the best multiplayer games in the App Store because of its clean interface (sorry Scrabble), and bug free gameplay. You can challenge multiple opponents at the same time and take your turn whenever you want. If only they kept stats! C'mon guys, put stats in the game!

  • 3

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


    Modern Combat 3 is for those twitchy Call of Duty fans who start frothing at the mouth if they’ve been away from their consoles for more than an hour. You would think that the complexity of a modern shooter would be lost on a simple touchscreen, but no, Modern Combat 3 delivers the goods. It has all the epic set pieces and leveled multiplayer of the best Call of Duty and Battlefield games. With this in your pocket, you can frag your opponents from the comfort of some beach chair in the Caribbean instead of your couch smeared with Doritos.

  • 2

    FIFA Soccer 13

    EA Sports

    Of all the sports games on the iOS, FIFA 13 has to be the best for multiplayer. With direct control over the players, you can dodge, steal, pass, and shoot with a simple tap. The controls and the graphics are phenomenal, and each match online feels as urgent and exciting as being in the stands at a real game. What more could a soccer fan ask for? Well, besides being kicked in the neck by a hooligan, that is? Even though it lacks hooligans, FIFA 13 makes it onto our list of the 10 Best Multiplayer Games

  • 1

    Trigger Fist

    Lake Effect Applications

    If you’ve got a Counter Strike monkey on your back, you should probably trade it in for a goat. Trigger Fist is the closest that you’re going to come to Valve’s multiplayer tactical shooter on the iOS. Featuring some tight controls and sleek gameplay, this easily blasts its way onto our list of the 10 Best Multiplayer Games. Note: No goats were harmed in the making of the trailer.


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