A new ‘Apex Legends’ trailer has been released for season 21 ‘Upheaval’

Respawn Entertainment has released a new teaser trailer for the latest season of the popular game which shows fans what is in store for season 21, Upheaval, which will be released next week.

Players will bare witness to “the embodiment of disruption” in the form of the new Legend Alter.

Alter’s features will include a passive ability which will allow her to loot an item from “distant deathboxes”, as well as a tactical ability called Void Damage that enables her to conjure up a portal that can force rivals back to the respawn chamber.

Alter also has an ultimate ability called Void Nexus which allows her to use a device that other players on the team can use to create a one-way portal back to the location.

Gamers will also be able to see Apex artifacts to customise each variant in terms of their Theme, Power Source, and other features with Exotic Shards which will give them the opportunity to stand out from everyone else when it comes to combat.

‘Upheaval will be release on Tuesday (07.05.24) for PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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