A release date has been revealed for ‘XDefiant’ at last.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the highly anticipated game will have a pre-season release on May 21 on PC via Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. However, the developer has yet to reveal the dates for PC vis Steam or the Epic Games Store.

The game is led by former ‘Call of Duty’ executive producer Mark Rubin and is a rival to the popular series. It is being developed by Ubisoft at its studio in San Francisco.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will provide five distinct game modes across 14 maps, 24 weapons which include 44 attachments, and five factions that players can interact with. Each of these factions takes inspiration from Ubisoft franchises and will give gamers a varied selection of gameplay features.

Each faction will provide an option of two active abilities as well as one passive player improvement and one ultra ability that gamers will have to charge up during the match.

One of the included factions is Echelon which players will recognise from the 'Splinter Cell' series. This faction utilises stealth technology which allows gamers to easily locate enemy locations and go unseen on enemy maps.

Another faction is Libertad from ‘Far Cry’. The key feature of this faction is its proficiency for healing due to their BioVida medication.

The Cleaners is another faction, taken from ‘The Division’, which uses fire to scorch their rivals.

Additionally, Ghost Recon uses phantoms to block damage with their sophisticated technology and advanced training.

The fifth faction is DedSec which fans will know from ‘WatchDogs’. This faction has the ability to hack into rivals’ gadgets and use spiderbots to attack opponents when they least expect it.

The developer has mentioned that DedSec, in addition to two of the other faction’s playable characters will be initially unplayable for gamers but can become playable one they complete missions.

The game’s release has been delayed many times as it has encountered a variety of problems. It failed to meet the initial release window of the end of March, after previously being delayed from an October 2023 launch.

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