‘Helldivers 2’s creative director Johan Pilestedt is “impressed by the willpower” of players who convinced Sony to reverse their PlayStation Network (PSN) requirement.

The popular third-person-shooter, which was developed by Arrowhead Studios, recently came under fire after Sony announced users on PC via Steam would have to link their game to a PSN account if they wanted to continue playing the title.

After a ferocious backlash from fans, the gaming conglomerate opted to drop the policy, which has impressed Arrowhead’s boss.

Taking to X, he penned: “Firstly, I am impressed by the willpower of the Helldivers 2 community and your ability to collaborate.

“Secondly I want to thank our partners and friends at PlayStation for quickly and effectively making the decision to leave PSN linking optional. We together want to set a new standard for what a live game is and how developers and community can support each other to create the best game experiences.”

After going back on their decision, Sony apologised to disgruntled fans and emphasised they were “still learning what is best for PC players”.

In a post to the social media platform, the company wrote: “‘Helldivers’ fans -- we’ve heard your feedback on the ‘Helldivers 2’ account linking update. The May 6 update, which would have required Steam and PlayStation Network account linking for new players and for current players beginning May 30, will not be moving forward.

“We’re still learning what is best for PC players and your feedback has been invaluable. Thanks again for your continued support of ‘Helldivers 2’ and we’ll keep you updated on future plans.”

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