Commander Shepard from ‘Mass Effect’ may not be returning for the next instalment of the franchise.

The warrior is the main protagonist of the first three ‘Mass Effect’ games and ended the franchise as a legendary figure across the universe, but in a new interview Jennifer Hale – the voice actor behind the female Commander Shepard – revealed she hasn’t been approached about reprising their role.

Jennifer told Dextero: “I don’t think I can get in trouble because I honestly don’t know anything.

“I would love to come back, I would come back in a hot second… but I haven’t heard from anyone yet.”

She also joked fans needed to let the game’s makers know if they wanted her back, adding: “Email BioWare, email EA, start a campaign.”

Bioware released a fourth ‘Mass Effect’ game in 2017, with ‘Andromeda’ seeing players take control of an inexperienced military recruit.

EA then started development on a new ‘Mass Effect’ game in 2022, but there havn’t been regular updates on the installment.

The same year, it was confirmed Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Deus Ex’ narrative designer Mary DeMarle would take the same role on the project, which will reportedly be built using Unreal Engine 5.

The currently untitled new ‘Mass Effect’ game has been advertised as a continuation of the original trilogy, and a sequel to ‘Andromeda’.

BioWare said in an update at the end of 2023: “We approach the future of this universe with gratitude and deep respect. Respect for you – the community. “Respect for the love and dedication you’ve given to us. Respect for the history and the stories you’ve created, and the characters you’ve fallen in love with. “And, respect for the future, and the opportunity to do something big – something amazing – for you.”

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