Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed the company will be announcing the successor to the Switch this fiscal year.

Rumours about the highly-anticipated console and its release date have been circulating for months, and the Japanese gaming juggernaut’s boss - whose last device, the Nintendo Switch OLED, launched in 2021 - has finally confirmed the product will be unveiled at some point before March 2025.

Taking to X, Furukawa penned: “This is Furukawa, the president of Nintendo. We will be announcing the successor to the Switch during this fiscal year for the first time in nine years since we announced the existence of the Nintendo Switch in March 2015.”

The Nintendo boss also confirmed that a Nintendo Direct showcase would be happening in June 2024, but stressed that the event would only unveil the “software line-up” for current Switch models.

He continued: “We will also be holding a Nintendo Direct in June to announce the Switch software lineup for the second half of 2024, but this will not include the successor model. Please do not misunderstand.”

This comes just days after new rumours pointed to the Switch 2 shipping with a CPU that can be “clocked crazy low” for better battery life.

According to the YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead and content creator The Phawx, the console will overclock its CPU when in docked mode to optimise the device's performance, and underclock it to give it long-lasting screen-on time when in handheld mode.

The insiders also claimed the device would include ray-tracing functionality akin to Microsoft's Xbox Series S - a first for Nintendo’s consoles.

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