Kotobukiya has been crafting fine statues of our favorite video game licenses for quite some time. Every year, the company rolls out at least a half-dozen new must-have items, and 2014 will prove to be no exception. We took a tour of Kotobukiya's booth at New York Comic Con, and snapped some shots of all the new hotness coming to our shores in the coming year.

If you've ever been in a hobby shop, odds are you've seen one of the many female figures that make up Koto's Bishoujo line. While there have been many more leading ladies from Marvel and DC turned into Bishoujo thus far, Koto has more Tekken Tag Tournament and Street Fighter statues lined up. Chun-Li was the only Street Fighter Bishoujo on display, and it was an early production model at that. Still, the pose was perfect, and should make Street Fighter fans happy, regardless of whether or not they enjoy the Bishoujo line. Cammy was announced at the show, and thus only had preliminary artwork available. Juri will also get a Bishoujo, but there was little else to see, save for her silhouette on a placard.

Tekken's Liang Xiaoyu will be the next to join that wave, and the near-final sculpt (based on artwork we saw earlier this year at Toy Fair) captures the character perfectly. Jun Kazama's Bishoujo was there, too, only it was a very early sculpt. Her pose is more stoic than the rest in the line, but it fits perfectly with her representation in-game. We'd have liked it a bit more if she was in a fighting pose, but Jun merchandise isn't exactly prevalent, so we'll have to take what we can get.

While not a gaming figure in the truest sense, Koto does have a large-scale Deathstroke statue in the works. Based on his New 52 look, this Deathstroke is a fearsome foe, forever captured in a ready-to-strike pose. He'll come with a second head with the facemask closed, but we rather liked seeing the grizzled villain's face. Even though this particular Deathstroke wasn't based on Batman: Arkham Origins, Koto does have some plans in the works for the game. Unfortunately, none of that work could be shown at NYCC.

Of course, with this being New York Comic Con, there were more comic book figures on display. Several of the new Adi Granov-designed Avengers made appearances, including Black Widow, Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye. Black Widow was the only full-painted model on display, and she looks as if she was ripped straight from the pages of Granov's work.

Kotobukiya will have plenty more to show off at next February's Toy Fair, but the current offerings will more than hold us over. Hopefully some of the Arkham Origins products will be ready to show to the public by then.