Square Enix has been pumping out figure after figure from its own vastly popular library of games for years, but this year's New York Comic Con showed off more licensed figures from the company than we'd ever seen before.

While there were plenty of great figures on display from tried and true lines like the Final Fantasy series (finally, a new Tifa and Barret, oh and Cloud is cool, too, we guess), it was the incredible new Marvel and DC figures that really drew our interest. The DC Variants line has been kicking for a short time now, but soon Marvel will be getting in on the action with both Iron Man and Spider-Man set to premiere first. While there was no date in sight, the Iron Man prototype on hand was quite impressive, if a little dark in its paint application.

Speaking of those DC Variants, the line is expanding tremendously in the Batman arena. Joining the Tetsuya Nomura-designed Batman will be a Catwoman, which invokes a little bit of a Kinetica vibe, as well as not one, not two, but four different Batmen from different eras in history. It's almost like someone at Kenner is picking and choosing where to take the line, with such luminary figures as Wild West Batman, Sparta Batman, Steampunk Batman and Bushido Batman. Don't get me wrong, they all look cool and different, but there is such a thing as line fatigue. This new Batman wave is dangerously close.

Nomura is also teaming with Capcom and Sega for two different inspired figures. The Nomura Hatsune Miku actually looks really good. It's definitely more realistic and different than your standard Miku figure, and should do well for fans of the vocaloid. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is getting a Nomura-inspired figure, too, which is good for fans as I can't recall any single other Monster Hunter figure ever coming stateside. The design is nice, but unless you're really into Monster Hunter, there's very little appeal beyond the tie-in.

As per usual, there were plenty of Metal Gear figures, as well as a Halo 2 Master Chief. Throw in a few Predators and some Kingdom Hearts, and you get the general idea of what's in store from Square for the next year or so. All of it looks phenomenal, but as the price points escalate upwards of $100 per figure, we're going to be mighty picky about which Play Arts figures we add to our collection.

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