If you've been waiting for the ultimate Harry Potter figures, Star Ace has finally answered your prayers.

Normally, we'd be reserved to focusing on gaming figures here. However, while roaming the aisles at New York Comic Con, we came across a booth featuring collectibles the likes of which we had never seen before. Truth be told, it wasn't the Harry Potter figures Star Ace had on display that drew us ever closer. It was the perfect 1/6th scale Steve McQueen. 'The Great Escape' is one of the greatest films ever made, and even though it was an ensemble cast, it's often revered as one of Steve McQueen's greatest roles. And deservedly so. Imagine our surprise then when there, standing coolly as the real deal was a miniaturized version of the smoothest man who may have ever lived. The details are on point, and the likeness is spot on.

Once we could pull ourselves away from the main man, we found Star Ace had plenty of other amazingness to offer in the realm of Harry Potter. The company is developing a massive range of sixth-scale figures based on the films, with detail and accessorization on par with companies like Enterbay and Hot Toys. Harry and Ron will be out the gate first, and the figures are based on their appearance in 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'. Voldemort and Sirius Black will follow soon after. We talked a bit about the line with the Star Ace's Vice President, Leo Lee, and where it could go in the future. We promised not to divulge too much, as the company wants to first focus on these four figures. It should go without saying that a certain third protagonist will find her way to shelves, too, along with some other cool characters and surprises that you'll likely hear more about in 2015.

The young Harry and Ron look terrific, as does Sirius, but honestly, it's the Voldemort that steals the show. While a very minimalist character from a design standpoint, it's getting the small details right that matters. If you don't have details to embellish, the slightest flaw stands out. Not only have Star Ace's sculptors done an outstanding job capturing the likeness (in-progress as it is), the paint team has brought Voldemort's disgustingness to life in incredible fashion. From the veins running beneath his bald head, to his sickly skin tone, this Voldemort looks more lifelike than any version of the character we've seen previously.

Over the course of the next few months, we'll get to see more finalized versions of what Star Ace showed off at NYCC, but for now, we're very optimistic about what's in store. Harry Potter fans have been waiting for high-end figures like these (expect to pay around $175-200 for each), and we're sure shelf space is going to fill up fast once they start arriving. Just keep your hands off of "The Cooler King." We called dibs.