Evil is watching. That's one of the new taglines for Resident Evil Revelations 2. It's fairly apt, as the hands-on demo displayed at New York Comic Con last week featured a disembodied voice taunting returning protagonist Claire Redfield as she tried to navigate their way through a rundown asylum. However, that's not what has us intrigued about Revelations 2. Instead, we're interested in series newcomer Moira Burton, a legacy character with a mouth that would make her dad blush.

We've been around the block a few times, and have heard quite a few different combinations of the more popular four-letter words of the vulgar variety. It came as a quite a surprise when Claire came across Moira's cell in a broken down asylum, and she dropped the phrase, "Moist barrel of fucks." Now, it's not shocking to us to hear cursing in the least. However, it's pretty crazy that after all the absolutely bonkers things that have happened in the Resident Evil franchise, it took a brand-new character to use the modern vernacular to describe a situation that typically would have been shrugged off as business as usual in the RE universe. Let's face it, Leon would never be caught saying something like, "What the cock?"


Things hadn't even gotten too hairy for Claire and Moira, either. The demo takes place at the start of episode one, though we're left in the dark as to how the dynamic duo have found themselves trapped in rust bucket city with a bunch of creeptastic Ganado-ish monsters. Still, fans will be happy to hear Revelations 2 plays a lot like the first Revelations, and doesn't bring any of Resident Evil 6's genre mash-up mentality to the party. Co-op will be available in the final version, but even if you choose to play solo, you can swap control of the two characters with ease. Claire will be the only one of the two to handle any firearms, but in addition to her caustic wit, Moira can wield a mean crowbar.

We got to explore a little bit and fend off some twisted creatures, but before we got any real answers, the playthrough came to an abrupt halt. We we're left hanging with what could possibly happen to Moira and Claire. Our guess is that there will be some sort of fighting against more monsters and using teamwork to uncover the truth about... well, this new mystery. There wasn't much to glean about what's going to set Revelations apart from its predecessor from a gameplay standpoint, but at least there'll be some fresh blood in the form of Moira and her bad-ass attitude. For now that's enough to keep us interested. How the rest shakes out remains to be seen.

Resident Evil Revelations 2's first episode will be out sometime in early 2015 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.