Ever wanted to wield a Geth Pulse Rifle? How about Deathstroke's swords? You're in luck, then, as Project Triforce is aiming to give you exactly what you want.

Premium. High-end. Exclusive. Those words don't just apply to Snake Juice (patent pending). The three words also apply directly to Project Triforce and its diverse line of collectibles. Among the creations featured at New York Comic Con this year was a hulking beast of a statue in the form of Evolve's Goliath. Muscles were popping. Fangs were baring. It's an impressive piece of work. It's just too bad the game's not out yet and we can determine whether or not we're invested in the game and monster enough to warrant spending $750 on it. Not only is the company invested in creating statues like Goliath, and more like you'd find in collector's editions of your favorite games (The Last of Us, Gears of War 3), but it's also got an eye on more elaborate things. Things like torquebows and rifles and scythes.

Now, while we were certainly impressed with the likes of the Locust Hammerburst and the Geth Pulse Rifle, the stand-out item on display was the all-new Green Arrow weapon display from Injustice: Gods Among Us. With the success of Arrow and the multitude of opportunities Green Arrow's weapon set provides, it actually makes surprising sense for a company to bring this arsenal to life. The bow is impressive, but having the specialized ice and explosive arrows, as well as the extra accoutrements, is what makes this such a stellar work. Now, the $1500 price tag is hefty, but this thing is massive. Like, you might have to build a room around it massive. Still, maybe one day...

There's some more good stuff on the way from Project Triforce in the coming year, including some cool Warcraft and Halo items, but most of the gear on display at NYCC was in the superhero genre. Not that that's a bad thing. Getting to see a life-size Batman cowl and Black Mask mask was cool. As with all of the items Triforce is working on, seeing them online is one thing, but seeing the pieces up close and personal gives you a sense of the quality and craftsmanship. The glossy sheen on the Black Mask helm makes it pop, and the same can be said for Nightwing's crest and batons. It's all wonderful. It's just too bad it we'd have to mortgage our home to be able to afford it all. Still, just because we can't afford it doesn't mean it isn't awesome.