BioWare's Mass Effect 3 had some pretty awesome weapons in it, but TriForce is making the Scorpion the latest Citadel weapon to get a full scale replica.

Project TriForce's Mass Effect 3: Scorpion Full Scale Replica will be jazzing up your house or Salarian cosplay, whether you use it as a paper weight or to spruce up your Citadel costume. I mean, come on, the gun weighs 10 pounds. The Scorpion is known for being the Salarian STG's go-to gun for containing large crowds of enemies. The entire replica will be hand painted by the artisans at TriFore, which guarantees that your figure will look super awesome. As mentioned previously, the gun will weigh in at 10 pounds and be 14" long, 2.1" wide and 8" high.

You can check out the pictures below to see all the different angles of the gun and get some close up action of what you can expect it to look like. The gun will feature some awesome LED lights that you can see as well.  While the replica may not shoot out the low-velocity, squash-head projectiles that the original did, it will sure look as though it has the capability to. Although, considering that the bullets are basically tiny bombs, this is probably not a bad thing. However, just because the gun doesn't work, doesn't mean that it doesn't look like the real thing.

Make sure to act quickly if you want TriForce's rendition of the Mass Effect 3: Scorpion Full Scale Replica because there will only be 500 pieces made and at $400, these babies will be selling quick. The pre-order starts now and its estimated ship date will be the first quarter of 2016.