Mass Effect 3

Mass Cosplay
Yo, loco. Who do we have in today's Cosplay of the Day? James Vega, the tough-as-nails newcomer to the crew of the Normandy in Mass Effect 3.
EDI Cosplay
Today we have a cosplay so dizzying accurate that we sometimes have trouble telling which one's real and which one's the character. Engage your FTL drives and check out Mass Effect 3's EDI, today's Cosplay of the Day.
Bishoujo Shepard Review
BioWare's Mass Effect franchise is one of the most celebrated and adored of the past five years. With a robust cast and galaxy-spanning sci-fi story, it's no wonder the series has garnered so many fans. Kotobukiya was no doubt impressed with leading lady Commander Jane Shepard, as it saw f…

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