Even if Shepard had a plain name, we won't forget it.

BioWare has revealed its list of the most frequently-used first names players gave to Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. While we know that Shepard's first name pretty much bore no significance towards the plot of Mass Effect, it's still nice to know that players still preferred the default names of John for male Shepard and Jane for FemShep. While Jane and John were purposely chosen as two common, insignificant names, other common names were right behind John and Jane in terms of popularity. You would think that because of Subject Zero, less people would have named their characters Jack, which was the most popular male name behind John.

Behind Jane, Sarah, Kate, Alice, Jessica and Alex were the most popular female Shepard name (in descending order). And behind John, were Jack, James, Chris, Alex and Michael. In BioWare's provided image depicting the player data, foreign countries showed that names such as Alex, Kate and Sarah were popular worldwide. Nevertheless, we'd still like to see a BioWare collection of the silliest names used.