Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Stats
The Mass Effect series opened new doors in the way of video game storytelling. What are the results of all of those narrative choices in Mass Effect 3? They're pretty interesting. Keep in mind that the stats may contain some SPOILERS.
Mass Effect Medi-Gel
It seems like videogames are encroaching more and more upon reality. A student at NYU has developed a gel that works eerily similar to the way Mass Effect 3's Medi-Gel functions. In fact, it is called Veti-Gel.
Happy birthday!
Mass Effect 3 has been around for one whole year, letting fans fly through space, shoot the hell out of bad guys, find true love, and make some tough choices, all in the name of stopping the Reapers. There's also a bit about a controversial ending, but we'll leave that alone.
Amazing Aria
She's the self-proclaimed ruler of Omega and one tough Asari. Here to kick blue butt and take names is Aria T'Loak, from Mass Effect 2.
Mass Reckoning
BioWare's last bits of dowloadable content for Mass Effect 3 will be arriving over the next two weeks, with the "Reckoning" add-on available starting today for multiplayer.

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