Yo, loco. Who do we have in today's Cosplay of the Day? James Vega, the tough-as-nails newcomer to the crew of the Normandy in Mass Effect 3.

James Vega is the beefy marine who was tasked with escorting Shepard to an Alliance defense committee hearing at the beginning of Mass Effect 3. Of course, that's also when the Reapers decided to attack Earth and everything went to hell. Vega ended up on the Normandy, serving under Shepard as part of his or her crew. He became a valuable asset and part of the Normandy's core group of heroes.

Here is Sweeturk, a cosplayer from the UK who's taken on Vega's faux-hawk and heavy armor. He's certainly earned his stripes and looks pretty badass in the outfit. Although he wears a good-natured smile instead of the character's usual gruff demeanor, he's done a great job of representing Vega in the real world, props and all.

See more of his work, which includes characters from Kingdom Hearts and Skyrim, on his deviantART and let us know what you think of this space marine.

Joshua Potter
Cerys Hillier
Cerys Hillier
Kim Lindop

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