Few collectibles companies have a diverse a library of licenses, each of which matches an incredible level of quality and detail as Kotobukiya. This past NYCC, the company brought even more awesome video game and comic statues to the show, and left us clutching our wallets in pain.

First up, we've got the fully painted prototype for Koto's planned Halo 4 Master Chief ArtFX statue. We got a glimpse at Toy Fair earlier this year, but seeing the main man with his nearly-final touches gives the piece a much better overall look. It's not that the old prototype looked bad, but it's hard to judge a figure like this without seeing it with a full paint app. It just helps John-117 pop a little bit more.

Beyond Chief, Koto's main area of new products came from the various Bishoujo lines in Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel and DC. The first artwork for the upcoming Poison figure made its debut, and as usual, artist Shunya Yamashita's linework does the character justice. Joining Poison was the all-new sculpt for Anna Williams, as well as her fully-painted sister, Nina Williams, for the first time. Both should make welcome additions to Tekken collections, but it's the DC statues that have us more intrigued.

We've known about the Batwoman statue for some time, but seeing the prototype sculpt has us optimistic for the finished version. While she's a little more well-endowed than her comic counterpart, the Batwoman statue still manages to be classy and playful without being overtly sexual. The same could be said for the upcoming Zatanna Bishoujo as well, which is surprising given how even some of DC's top artists can't help but ramp up the more alluring aspects of the character's costume.

Lastly, the full-color She-Hulk Bishoujo stood out amongst the Marvel line. Her massive and muscular physique is given its fair due, though she's also fallen prey to the emphasis on the chest region. That said, the paint app looks wonderful, and brings the green giantess to life quite well. It's hard to get green right when there's that much of it. The only real gripe we have is with the face sculpt, which is a little too girlish, and lacks the ferocity we'd like to have seen instead.

Overall, a strong showing from Kotobukiya at NYCC, and we're eager to see how much more progress will have been made on all these products by Toy Fair next year.