From Final Fantasy to Assassin's Creed, Square Enix Play Arts has a wealth of action figures lined up based on a wide variety of gaming licenses. The collectibles division of the game publisher was on hand at New York Comic Con to show off its upcoming figures, and we couldn't pass up the chance to catch a glimpse of the toys sure to be lining our shelves (and emptying our wallets) in the coming year.

Final Fantasy had the biggest presence at the Play Arts booth, with just about every major title in the franchise's recent history on display. The new Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 looked great, as did the new Red XIII from 'Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.' Square is expanding its Variants line to include new takes on creatures that have appeared in various iterations throughout the series. Bahamut impressed, even in its prototype stage. The wingspan is tremendous, and fully extended, the figure dwarfed nearly every other figure in the display. There were also new Theatrythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call toys on hand, and the game's cute style will surely lure plenty of fans into picking these up when they arrive.

Square's Play Arts lines aren't just limited to the company's own games though, as new figures for Assassin's Creed and Metal Gear also made a showing. Both Connor and Edward Kenway will be added to the growing library over the next few months. Each comes with a few different hands and wrist blade accessories. The figures offer plenty of opportunities for recreating assassinations, and though they'll be a bit pricey (Play Arts figures tend to run between $70-80), they do offer more articulation and detail than the current McFarlane line.

Metal Gear Solid has had more than a few Play Arts figures before, but there's always demand for a new Snake sculpt. Ground Zeroes Snake was only shown as an early prototype, but Boss was already looking sharp. Included with Snake will be a few weapons, as well as a different head sculpt (complete with night-vision goggles), and different hands. As there is no real date for the game just yet, this Snake doesn't have a release date either, but you should expect it to arrive around the same time as Ground Zeroes.