During EA's financial investors call, the publisher revealed it had no plans to release a new Star Wars game, UFC game, or Tiger Woods game during fiscal 2014, which ends in March 2014.

It's not all that surprising to hear there won't be a new Star Wars game or Tiger Woods title during the course of the next year. EA has already put the PGA franchise on hold through 2015, and Disney only just announced its partnership with EA for new Star Wars video games earlier this week. That there's not going to be a UFC game until the summer of 2015 however, comes as a bit of a shock.

According to Joystiq, EA Labels chief Frank Gibeau detailed almost a dozen different games the publisher planned to release through March 2014, and none of the aforementioned licenses were part of that strategy. While all three games are "still in development," it's a bit curious that EA went to great lengths to acquire the UFC license last June, only to choose not to use it until mid-2014 at the earliest. EA previously teased some developmental work on its UFC game a few months back, but it looks like it will still be another year minimum until one of the biggest fighting promotions on the planet is back on consoles.

As for Star Wars, the wait should be well worth it, considering both DICE and Visceral have new games in the pipeline for that license. With BioWare also expected to continue developing in the Star Wars space, the quality is potentially there. Now we just have to wait for it to be realized.

What do you think of EA's news? Are you disappointed the wait for these franchises is going to be so long?