Comcast's "Xfinity Games powered by EA" initiative is going to bring its own brand of set-top box-based casual gaming to your living room.

EA and Comcast have unveiled their upcoming Xfinity Games powered by EA program and has launched it in beta form, Polygon reports. Comcast's X1 set-top box will be able to stream casual games that you can play on your TV. Unfortunately, no types of controllers will be utilized, as you're going to have to use your smartphone or tablet device to control the games. The beta service is launching with 23 games at the beginning, including the likes of Plants Vs. Zombies, Peggle Nights, EA Sports PGA Tour, NBA Jam on Fire Edition, Monopoly and FIFA 13.

"We are launching our beta [today]," EA VP of marketing Katrina Strafford said. "It will include 20 games, most of which, but not all, are from EA. We have relationships with publishers across the industry and it's absolutely something we'll explore more as we get feedback from players about what they're liking, what games are really making sense for them in this medium and we'll learn and go from there."

Polygon mentions that its functionality is similar to when an iOS device is paired to an Apple TV. Those looking for console games should look elsewhere, as you're only going to get a limited experience using your tablet or smartphone as a basis to play.

These games are made specifically for this platform and for this service. So whereas some of the games we may bring to EA Access are console games that maybe were in development for a year or two, these are games that are made specifically for this platform and not on that kind of cycle. So I think that gives us some of that nimbleness to react to what this new audience is finding most interesting.

The X1 will play Xfinity Games by streaming video, similar to PlayStation Now or OnLive, but without a controller. There are no downloads or hardware required other than the set-top box and a smart device. If you'd like to sign up for the beta to try it, hit Xfinity Games' official website. Unfortunately, no type of pricing has been revealed yet.

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