10 Sequels That Will Never Happen is a sad list to put together. In a sea of sequels, some games will never become long lasting franchises. Every year we get an endless parade of Call of Dutys, Assassin’s Creeds, and sports titles. We get repetitive renditions that only occasionally plumb the depths of the characters or gameplay. They give us a bit more of the same thing, sometimes finely polished or occasionally broken. It seems that we get sequels that were never even asked for and the ones we do ask for, never get made. Some of the greatest games in history are relinquished to the past to fade with the other sun bleached plastic consoles in the landfill. Below you’ll find our list of 10 Sequels That Will Never Happen. If some developer is looking for ideas, please have a look and get to coding because we seriously want these titles. One more thing -- if you do them, don’t mess them up! Sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of 10 Sequels That Will Never Happen.