Lucasfilm recently registered a handful of new domains from the Star Wars universe, which may give us a hint into Disney's and EA's plans for future video games.

According to Fusible, nine new domains were registered by Lucasfilm this week, giving some insight the company's possible plans for upcoming game properties. Among the websites listed were Star Wars Alliance, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack Adventures, Order 67, Bothan Spies, Gungan Frontier 2, Gungan Frontier 3, Gungan Frontier 4, and Wookie Hunters.

You'll notice neither Star Wars 1313 nor any of the Battlefront sequels were listed, but that doesn't mean those franchises have been completely abandoned. While those series could certainly still survive somehow, the bigger news is that there might be multiple Gungan games coming. Everyone out there is a huge fan of Jar Jar and his ilk, so it makes total sense, right?

EA has already said there won't be a new Star Wars game from any of its studios until next year at the earliest, so it could be some time until we learn any more about these potential properties. What do you think of the registered titles?