Neverwinter has a new trailer up, giving us a bit of background on the eponymous, troubled city.

It was once called the "Jewel of the North" in the old days, but now the city of Neverwinter not only has to fight to protect its citizens from the horrors outside the city walls, but also from the horrors within.

Lord Neverember rules over the city and plans to fortify the walls of the various districts in order to fend off attacks from outside forces. He means to protect his people from the orcs in the Tower District, foulspawn in the Chasm, undead in the Neverdeath Graveyard, and other enemies who would take over the city and claim it as their own.

Neverember also has to deal with rebels from the Blacklake District and undead horrors deep in the abandoned ruins of Castle Never. The good lord has his hands full and needs adventurers to step up to the challenge of keeping the city safe. This is where players come in to heed the call, lending their power to fight off Nasher rebels, Many-Arrows orcs, undead, kobolds, ogres, plaguechanged, and a whole menagerie of baddies that threaten the city in Neverwinter.

Watch the video below and let us know if you'll step forward as an adventurer and undertake the task of safeguarding the former Jewel of the North!

Neverwinter will be out soon but is still running beta weekends. Sign up here to see if you'll get a chance to try out the game!