Neverwinter's neighboring lands and villages seem to ravaged by so many evil forces that we wonder what the housing market is like in the area. One such village is Rothe Valley, which is a small farming community that's been enslaved by a priestess who worships a Spider Queen and offers up citizens as sacrifices. Man, that's gotta suck for the villagers.

House Xorlarrin have taken over the village and have made a habit out of killing and enslaving the villagers, so living there isn't much of a picnic anymore. But thankfully, intrepid adventurers like you will have the chance to save the village from these evil drow and Lolth, the Queen of Spiders, who make their home in the Underdark.

Watch the trailer below to see if you have what it takes to go into the village and save its people from all of this dark magic and torment. The game goes into open beta on April 30th, 2013, so go on and see how it feels to be a hero of Neverwinter!