Neverwinter has come out with a new trailer that highlights an area called Helm's Hold, which is a stronghold for devils and other demonic creatures. The trailer runs through some of the Hold's inhabitants, introducing us to many faces that only a mother could love. Or not.

The Hold was originally a safe haven for victims of the horrific Spellplague. Those who sought sanctuary believed that they could be treated within the Hold's walls and be among friends. But then devils started stomping into town and a devil-worshiping cult took control of Helm's Hold.

The cult's prophet, a succubus called Rohini, runs the show and it is up to the players of Neverwinter to step in and save the town from her fiendish grip. But to get to her, they must first fight through hordes of devils, imps, and erinyes. And worst of all, adventurers must brave the Lair of the Mad Dragon, where the dragon Chartilifax is charmed by Rohini. Only by slaying this beast can the heroes obtain Rohini's Hex Lotus, which will be her undoing.

Sound interesting to you? Then watch the trailer and check out the screens to see more. And if you really want to play the game, wait for the open Beta on April 30th, 2013.