The Neverwinter MMO has wowed PC players for some time now, but very soon a new realm of adventurers will be able to explore everything this giant Dungeons and Dragons title has to offer. Neverwinter is coming to the Xbox One, and there'll be no charge to get started.

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the Xbox One port of Neverwinter will launch next month for the bargain price of completely free. Cryptic Studios, which previously worked on the Star Trek and City of Heroes multiplayer online games, will be working with Perfect World on this new port, Polygon reports. The game will include all of the base content available for the PC version, every playable class at the moment and Neverwinter's Tyranny of Dragons expansions.

The console version will feature "optimized controls" in order to make the transition from PC as smooth as possible as well as an integration of the Xbox One friends list so adventurers of the Forgotten Realms can easily group up with their comrades before setting off.

Dungeons and Dragons has certainly come a long way from the original pen-and-paper days, hasn't it? We're interested to see how the transition to consoles will help the brand grow, perhaps finally becoming the MMO to give World of Warcraft a true run for its money.

Neverwinter will launch as a free download for Xbox One on March 31.