In role-playing games, spells and stealth are popular routes to go down when deciding on a character to play. After all, who wouldn't want the power to control the elements, heal wounds, or sneak around in order to inflict high damage? But Neverwinter has a class that should appeal to those who'd rather wear armor made of steel and wield weapons that are bigger than they are. Let's say hello to the Great Weapon Fighter.

The Great Weapon Fighter uses a huge, two-handed weapon to get the job done, either by charging at enemies or literally leaping into the fray and sending foes flying with their big, muscle-bulgey arms.

You'd think that having all of that armor and such a big weapon would make it so that the Great Weapon Fighter was slow, but with a quick Sprint, this warrior can catch up to any foe and slam into them after jumping high into the air. They can even turn into a whirling vortex of blades that can slice into many foes at once. This is one class that you don't want to tick off.

Watch this bloodthirsty warrior in action in the trailer below and let us know if you'd take up arms as a Great Weapon Fighter when Neverwinter is released later this year! Or, if you'd like to play the game earlier, there is an Open Beta coming on April 30th, 2013!