Neverwinter's Icespire Peak is the star in this latest set of screenshots and a trailer that lays down some of the zone's lore. The chilly feeling we get from the areas makes us want to call the game Alwayswinter instead.

And as you can see from the screenshots below, Icespire Peak looks like the worst possible place to be unless you've got a coat made out of fire or something. Do they have those in Dungeons & Dragons? Oh well, we're sure we could roll some dice for one.

This area is up in the Sword Mountains and populated by Icehammer dwarves that crack through the bowels of the earth in search of gold and mithril. And like the dwarves of Moria, these guys dug a little too deep and unearthed an ancient horror. But instead of a fiery Balrog, the dwarves found a gate to a chaotic elemental plane called the Winterforge, from which a host of ice golems escaped into the world.

The Frost Giants felt the power from the Winterforge and took control of it, thanks to their leader, Hrimnir (say it five times fast). They plan to spread their icy grip all over the land, unless the heroes of Neverwinter can stop them.!

This trailer and these screenshots are making us feel mighty cold, so gather up a space heater before viewing them! Let us know what you think about this zone down in the comments section. Neverwinter will be out soon, but you can still sign up for the beta and grab a Hero of the North founder's pack for great bonuses here!